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Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage regeneration has a long clinical history that is aimed at restoring cartilage in the area where it was damaged or lost. The loss or damage of cartilage causes inflammation in the joints due to the pressure being unloaded on the underlying bone. Negligence could even result to damage on cartilages close to that area and can even result in a degenerate joint.

At The Sports Injury Clinic, our cartilage regeneration team led by Prof Paul Lee factors in our patients’ individual needs and requirements and tailors a treatment plan appropriately.


Cartilage Cell therapy is NOT Stem Cells

Treatment Options

Fat Cell Therapy

Fat derived cell treatment for cartilage issues is useful for pain control.

Find out more about this treatment.

Biological Scaffold

Biological scaffold is best for small sized damages to the cartilage. The recovery and rehab time is often shorter with this form of treatment as it is done as a keyhole surgery.

Bone Marrow Therapy

Bone marrow therapy is a great source to obtain cells. There are various ways of obtaining cells from them and processing the bone marrow itself. When it comes to treating fractures and some specific cartilage issues, this technique is very powerful.

Biological Treatments

With Biological treatments, there are quite a few options, but they are all not the same. This treatment type isn’t for everyone. Our orthopaedic team encourage patients to understand the science behind each of these treatments and take an informed decision which is best suited for them.

If you would like to know more about our treatment options for Cartilage Regeneration, the following videos have Prof Paul Lee shed some better understanding on each of them.

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