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Meniscus a C-shaped piece of hard cartilage found inside the knee joint between the femur & tibia. It works as shock absorbant, reducing pressure to the cartilage and the bone in the joint. If torn it can cause severe sharp pain in the knee and may result in swelling and stiffness in the joint blocking movement and even straightening your knee completely.

This form of injury comes along with cartilage injury and is caused when the knee endures significant trauma resulting a tear in the meniscus.

Meniscus in younger individuals is more flexible and with time a deformed meniscus will spring back into its original shape. As you get older the meniscus gets more brittle and are more prone to a tear.

There are various treatments available for meniscus. With modern treatment options like bracing or injection therapy this issue can be repaired rather than simply cutting it off through surgery.

Our team of orthopaedic surgeons with their vast knowledge on the issue have invested in technology that helps them track the knee movement allowing them to provide you with the best treatment suited for your tailored care.


Treatment Options

Meniscus Replacement

Meniscus replacement involves replacing meniscal tissue that is damaged or missing with biological scaffold which eventually grows back into new cartilage tissue. This helps reduce pain and improves functionality of the joint.

Platelet Rich Plasma - Injection Therapy

Platelet rich plasma is an innovative treatment in sports and orthopaedic medicine, PRP uses your own blood for healing muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. Find out more here.

Meniscus Repair

Meniscus repair involves surgically repairing a patient’s torn meniscus and allowing it to heal on its own. Very few cases allow for this to happen. In majority of the cases, surgery in suggested to remove the meniscus partially or completely.


Meniscectomy or meniscus surgery is commonly performed in the UK. It is important to know that only 4 out of 100 knee surgeries are meniscus repairs, the remaining 96% of patients going through surgery, have some or the entire meniscus surgically removed. More information by Prof Paul Lee.

Prof Paul Lee, Orthopaedic Surgeon briefly explains all of these meniscus treatment options below.

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